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Lucid Investments offers comprehensive Multi-Family Office & Wealth Management services to Israeli clients

Lucid Investments is one of the leading Multi-Family Offices in Israel. We are providing Family Office and Asset Management services to high net worth individuals, families, trustees as well as private companies. Over the last 15 years, we have accumulated an important track record in providing professional investment advice. Our goal is simple: we are willing to differentiate ourselves from the traditional Private Banking providers. Therefore, we have adopted over the years a holistic approach to serving our clients, by identifying first the core investments and legal issues which need to be addressed. Then, we are closely accompanying our clients throughout the implementation process. We believe that our role is not only to determine the specific asset allocation and comparing performances to  benchmarks.

A sophisticated asset allocation is essential to ensure portfolio returns. In our view, it is far more important how much exposure you have to one specific asset class overall than each individual security you invest in. As a result, we believe that time and efforts shall be spent where it really matters on the asset allocation level. Our investment process is especially based on designing a dynamic asset allocation strategy for each of our clients. Thus, this portfolio strategy enable us to protect the capital from risks, capture upside and ensure the returns will be most probably stable across even the most unstable environments.

Our most important goal is to provide a professional yet personal and transparent service to our clients in order to help them preserve their wealth in a prudent approach.

Why Choose Us?

Lucid Investments is an independent, fee-only fiduciary firm. This means

We are bound to put our client’s interests first, ahead of our own.

We are paid only by our clients, with a simple, transparent advisory fee that removes any actual or potential conflicts of interest that arise from sales-based compensations.

Our independence from any financial services firm, bank or broker allows us to assess our clients’ needs. Then, we make recommendations and help them find the financial services products and services that are right for them, without any sales agenda.

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ETFs Set to Take Over the World of Investing in 2019

Bizportal | 25.12.2017

Stock pickers, who once beat markets with their gut instinct and appetite for risk, will be relegated to second place in the minds of investors if money continues to flow into low-cost index funds at the current pace.
ETFs, which are almost always cheaper than similar mutual funds. They enable a great diversification at relatively low cost.

There were about 100 ETFs in 2002. Now, with almost 2,000 in the mix, investors have plenty of alternatives to actively managed funds.

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Why you should look for alternatives for your bank deposits

Globes | 31.10.2017

Almost every investor sometimes faces the problem of cash sitting on is account. In the low-interest environment, it is always a problem. You do not want to hurry your stock investment decision, sometimes you have to wait for entry point longer. Sometimes, you do not feel comfortable to invest at the market highs and are waiting for a substantial correction.

We are in a period of rising interest rates. There is no doubt about it. Nevertheless, there are plenty of people who doubt that share prices will rise forever and are afraid of fall. Therefore, there is a legitimate question what to do with your cash you keep for investing in future. And how to keep earning on rising interest rates in the defensive and risk-averse way.

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Israel: Popular Yet Complex Destination

Family Office Magazine |  Autumn Edition

A little less known fact about Israel is that it is a country built on immigration. About 40% of the country’s resident were born outside of it. A 2016 study by international consultancy New World Wealth, suggests that there is one cohort of people who have moved to Israel and that is millionaires. The company’s survey of millionaire migration describes Israel as the fourth most popular destination worldwide for migrating millionaires in 2015, after Australia, the United States and Canada. The survey claims that 4,000 high-networth individuals relocated to Israel in 2015. Since the number of immigrants and returning residents was around 37,000, that makes approximately one in nine new arrivals to the country a millionaire.

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Former CEO at Pictet Wealth Management Israel Karen Schwok Establishes Lucid Investments  Family Office

The Marker | 21.08.2017

Marius Nacht’s partner and Former CEO at Pictet Wealth Management Israel establishes Lucid Investments.

Multi-Family Office and Wealth Management firm Lucid Investments is the newest player in Israel’s robust finance industry. The firm’s mission is to assist high-tech entrepreneurs, families and trustees in developing strategies for long-term investment success and asset management within a dynamic economy.

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Former CEO at Pictet Wealth Management Israel Karen Schwok Establishes Lucid Investments 

Markets Insider | 31.08.2017

Traditional international banking services are not ideal for leading high-tech entrepreneurs and startups; these young visionaries dedicate all their time and energy to pursuing their products and services, leaving little time for fund management. With 15 years’ experience working with entrepreneurial clients, Lucid Investments understands what they need and expect from their family office team, and are entirely capable of meeting and exceeding those expectations

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Tel Aviv University Alumni Association – 9  Senior Executive Alumni Award for 2017 

Ynet | 12.06.2017

The Tel Aviv University Alumni Organization celebrates its 2nd anniversary with a short clip, produced in cooperation with Ynet, in which nine Alumni from Tel Aviv University‘s different faculties, each a success in their field of business, share their insight on starting your career and offer a few tips from their own experience to help you find your own path in the career world. Interview with Karen Schwok, founder and CEO at Lucid Investment Family Office

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US elections – what’s next?

i24News | 12.12.2016

Interview of Karen Schwok, CEO at Pictet Wealth Management Israel on the US elections impact on financial markets.

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