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Nous proposons un service personnalisé de Family Office et de Gestion de Patrimoine. Le succès d’une Gestion d’investissements réussie qui vous apporte une valeur ajoutée est le résultat d’une analyse fine et d’une planification solide. Nous sommes à vos côtés pour vous aider à optimiser votre patrimoine et à considérer des solutions nouvelles, parfois moins familières, mais qui sont plus en adéquation avec votre plan de répartition d’actifs.



Vos préférences en matière d’investissement, vos zones de confort et vos idées concernant le futur de vos actifs sont des éléments importants dans l’élaboration de votre portefeuille. Le processus commence par une évaluation précise de votre profil risque et la définition de vos objectifs de rendements au court et moyen-terme.
Nous définissons un plan d’investissement à l’aide d’outils d’ingénierie financière de pointe permettant d’optimiser les flux financiers souhaités et le rendement des actifs.



Dans un monde infiniment plus complexe, l’intégration de disciplines variées est essentielle pour préserver et dynamiser votre patrimoine familial.  Les objectifs que nous définissons avec les familles avec lesquelles nous travaillons sont uniques et spécifiques aux besoins et aux sensibilités de chacun. Nous proposons des solutions sur mesure, ajustées aux valeurs et aux motivations personnelles de nos clients. Nous gérons votre patrimoine avec attention et vigilance.

Nous faisons preuve de réactivité chaque jour, en mettant nos compétences et notre expérience à l’épreuve – nous ne sommes pas de simples fournisseurs financiers de produits et de services.

Pourquoi nous choisir?


Service de qualité et performant

Loyauté et transparence

Conseil indépendant et transparence vis à vis des frais bancaires

Experience professionnelle

Plus de 15 ans d’experience en conseil financier et gestion de patrimoine complexes


We are focusing on servicing the sophisticated needs of wealthy families. Benefit from our Wealth Management insights and best practices so you can fully understand the changing trends that may impact you.

לוסיד השקעות פמילי אופיס

Frequently Asked Questions

A family office is an organization a wealthy family sets up by hiring a wide range of professionals across multiple disciplines – taxes, estate planning, accounting, bookkeeping, investing, etc. – to work for them and help them manage and execute their wealth management activities.

The difference is independence. Family offices ideally are not affiliated with any bank, financial institution or asset manager. The advice they provide is strictly objective and without the conflict of a sales mandate or a financial interest in selling particular financial products or services.  A wealth manager comes in many legal forms  – private bank, trust company, brokerage firm, family office, multi-family office, financial planner, etc.

There is no need for you to change banks. As your advocate, we work with each of your service providers to be sure they are working toward your best interests. Through consolidated reporting, we review transactions, confirm pricing, review commissions, identify errors and see that what you agreed to pay is what you are being charged.



We make sure your family’s providers are working towards the best interests of your family in a highly cost-effective way. Three core tenets form the foundation for everything we do in Wealth Management:


The firm is an independent advisory firm. We have no financial interest in selling you products, meaning there are no hidden sales agendas or conflicts of interests

We are bound to put our client’s interests first, ahead of our own. The firm is an independent, fee-only fiduciary firm. There are three defining characteristics of an Independent, Fee-Only Fiduciary Firm:

  • We have a legal obligation to put our client’s interests first, ahead of our own
  • We are paid only by our clients, with a simple, transparent advisory fee that removes any actual or potential conflicts of interest that arise from sales-based compensations
  • Our independence from any financial services firm, bank or broker allows us to asses your needs, then make recommendations and help you find the financial services products and services that are right for you, without any sales agenda

The firm is a committed advocate for your family’s long-term interests

We understand that you have relationships with financial companies that you value. Rather than compete with them, we work with them to be sure they are all working together toward your best interests rather than their own agendas. But, we serve as your advocate with your existing providers by asking:

  • Are the investment products in your portfolio right for your objectives?
  • How much are you paying each provider?
  • Are you paying different providers for the same services?
  • Are your providers communicating with one another about the overall well-being of your wealth enterprise?
  • Is your current investment strategy consistent with your wealth planning activities?

We help your family execute its wealth management in whatever way benefits you the most ensuring you buy smartly, effectively, and only those products and services that are right for you.

לוסיד השקעות פמילי אופיס

The firm is on your family’s side, and no one else’s

In many wealth management relationships, families are at a disadvantage because the bank or brokerage firm puts the interests of the firm before the interests of the family. Instead of receiving advice, families often receive recommendations based on the compensation and incentives the advisor may receive. We are duty-bound to act in our client families’ best interests and are never compensated by any third party for recommendations we make. Ever.


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