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We help entrepreneurs, families, trustees and private companies with their investments. We provide independent advice based on established research methods, and our experts have in-depth sector knowledge in Family Office services and Wealth Management. We strive to give expert advice and support based on our financial expertise and strong client focus.

Define short term and long term investments strategies

We focus on defining short and long term investment strategies taking into account the needs of the client and the family’s capital structure. We anticipate and define legal and tax planning elements to be taken into consideration.

A sophisticated asset allocation in Wealth Management is essential to ensure portfolio returns. It is far more important how much exposure you have to one specific asset class overall than each individual security you invest in. Many investors ignore it and spend much too much time picking individual stocks. We believe that time and efforts shall be spent where it really matters – on the asset allocation level. Our investment process is based on designing a dynamic asset allocation strategy for each of our clients. This portfolio strategy enable us to protect the capital from risks, capture upside and ensure the returns will be stable across even the most unstable environments.

Advise and supervise the implementation of the investment strategy

We represent the client and maintain on an ongoing basis contact with banks, portfolio managers and trustees to monitor the implementation process and obtain on-going updates. We will challenge the asset allocation or investment strategy when necessary.

Represent clients and manage negociations with financial institutions and business organizations

We have dedicated agreements in place with several banks. It enable us to manage clients’ portfolios in full transparency and as effectively as possible, while saving on costs for buying and selling securities and other services. Therefore, cash and financial assets will remain in a bank account under the client’s name. Clients provide us a limited power of attorney solely for the purpose of buying and selling securities and the company we are not authorized to take any other action such as withdrawals. This limited power of attorney and our contractual engagement can obviously be revoked at any time. 

We have only one goal:  our clients’ satisfaction. We don’t enter into fee retrocession agreements, whether with banks or other intermediaries

Provide full and clear picture of the consolidated investments

It is crucial for us to present a full and clear picture of your aggregated portfolio, providing all relevant reports and explanations on a regular basis.

Structuring the necessary governance with laywers, accountants and other professionals

We are bound to put our client’s interests first, ahead of our own Working closely with professional legal experts, we help preparing Testaments, pre-nuptial agreements or other relevant legal documents.

Guidance regarding tax laws and business laws

Karen Schwok
Founder & CEO

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About Lucid Investments

We provide Family Office and Wealth Management services to high net worth individuals, families, trustees as well as private companies. Our goal is simple: we are willing to differentiate ourselves from the traditional Private Banking providers. Therefore, we have adopted over the years a holistic approach to serving our clients, by identifying first the core investments and legal issues which need to be addressed.

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If you have immigrated to Israel or are considering making Aliyah, there are various Israeli tax benefits for Olim that should be taken into consideration when managing your wealth.

However, that Aliyah 10-year tax window will close before you realize it, so it is crucial to undertake medium-term and long-term financial planning to ensure that your investments are suitably structured. Israeli citizens are taxed on their worldwide income so your Wealth Management should take into account all assets located outside Israel, and financial connections with family members in other jurisdictions, such as trusts and inheritances. Also, one should be aware that capital gains after the 10-year tax break of Aliyah shall be imposed so that it is important not to accumulate considerable capital gains at the end of this period.

As a Family Office providing services to many Olim, we can help you with international tax planning, estate planning, restructuring your wealth before and after you made Aliyah.

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