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Wealth management isn’t just about building a portfolio.

Wealth planning is dynamic and includes so much more than just tax and trusts.

We take a holistic, global, yet personalized approach to assessing your needs, which allow us to provide you with long-term, bespoke solutions. Our wealth planning solutions take into account our clients’ personal and professional projects, local legal and tax considerations. We can assist with relocation to Israel (including Aliya), philanthropy and succession, with the help of local advisors where necessary.

With our global understanding of your estate, we can efficiently structure and pass on your assets. The transfer of wealth is an important that requires a long-term approach and planning.

Wealth planning strategies covering retirement, taxes, insurance enable us to provide not only a holistic view of your portfolio but also to provide an optimal positioning of complex asset portfolios. In depth planning of your wealth will enable you to understand you tax obligations, achieve your financial goals and provide a comfortable future for your family.

We experienced as a Multi-Family Office several business cycles over the last 20 years, so that we can bring value to you as we’ve been working with many entrepreneurs who have similar backgrounds and experiences in how they generated their wealth.

The tech environment can evolve very rapidly so that it is fundamentally important in our view that  “when you can, you have to put aside a bit of the nest egg” and diversify your risks as not your assets might not be liquid as for other high-net-worth individuals.

The entrepreneurs have fairly complex needs and from a private client perspective, they will have unique needs compared to a corporate executive. Therefore, it is important to address those needs and find the appropriate solutions with the relevant professional experts.


We can add value to you by taking over certain financial responsibilities that you should not be focusing your time and energy on. These can include the proper formation of your business entity, tax planning, tax returns etc.

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