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The firm is an independent advisory firm. ​

We are paid only by our clients, with a simple, transparent advisory fee that removes any actual or potential conflicts of interest that arise from sales-based compensations.

Our independence from any financial services firm or bank allows us to asses your needs, then make recommendations and help you find the financial products and services that are right for you, without any sales agenda.

We are duty-bound to act in our clients’ best interests and are never compensated by any third party for recommendations we make. Ever.

Dynamic Asset Allocation approach

Our goal is simple: we are willing to differentiate ourselves, as a family office from the traditional Private Banking providers.

We believe that our role is not only to determine the specific asset allocation and comparing performances to benchmarks.


A sophisticated asset allocation is essential to ensure portfolio returns, especially in volatile markets.


Our investment strategy enables us to protect the capital from risks, capture upside and ensure the returns will be most probably stable even the most unstable environments.

The firm is a committed advocate for your family’s long-term interests

We understand that you have relationships with financial companies that you value.

Rather than compete with them, we work with them to be sure  we are all working together toward your best interests rather than their own agendas.

But, we serve as your advocate with your existing providers by asking:

  • Are the investment products in your portfolio right for your objectives?

  • How much are you paying each provider?

  • Is your current investment strategy consistent with your wealth planning activities?



6 errors to avoid when trying to increase the equity allocation during Bear markets

Globes | 14.04.2020

Covid-19: The strong volatility in the markets we've been experiencing over the last few weeks is encouraging investors to increase their exposure to equities. This article reflects our current outlook and insights on how to navigate during these turbulent markets.

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Underwriters in Israel are rapidly adopting the 'Book Building' process when listing companies for an Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Calcalist |  13.10.2020

Interview of Karen Schwok (קארן שווק) by Jean-Charles Banoun.

Karen shared her insights on how the 'Book Building' process is becoming popular when companies are listed for an IPO.

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US elections and their significant impact on the markets

Globes | 18.10.2020

As we are approaching the US elections,  Karen Schwok (קארן שווק) is reviewing the different effects of the US elections on the markets and the various investment sectors in the US.

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Founded by Karen Schwok, former CEO at Banque Pictet & Cie SA (Israel), Lucid Investments provides Family Office and Wealth Management services to high net worth individuals, families, trustees as well as private companies.
Over the last 20 years, we have accumulated an important track record in providing professional investment advice.

Our most important goal is to provide a professional yet personal and transparent service to our clients in order to help them preserve their wealth in a prudent approach.


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